Welcome to Law School 101!

Greetings fellow Canucks or wannabe Canucks!

I’m glad you found this website. I assume that since you’re here, you’re thinking about maybe, potentially, hopefully getting into one of our country’s 16 English-language common law schools (or else you’re a friend of mine and I twisted your arm to come visit). Perhaps you already know exactly which university you want to attend, and why, and what kind of lawyer (i.e. hot, rich, and successful) you wish to be when you graduate. Or it could be the case that such terms as JD, LSAT, and CAN are completely foreign to you (trust me, they won’t be for long once you embark on this journey).

But, no matter what your background is, or stage you’re at in your path towards law school, I’ve created this site for you. It’s my pleasure to offer a comprehensive compilation of information and resources to make the process of applying for (and surviving!) law school as manageable and efficient as possible. In addition, I will soon be offering a full slate of services to assist you in deciding whether law school is for you, and how to get into the Canadian law school of your choice.

So get comfortable, have a look around, and stay a while.

Also, special thanks to Rachel of Roko Toys for designing the site banner.