Category Info/Link
Location Kamloops, BC
LSAC Profile
Ivy Global Profile
No. Seats in 1L 75
No. Applications
Last Accepted LSAT Writing December
Multiple LSATs Highest
Personal Statement
Reference Letters 3 (at least 2 academic)
Admission Deadline February 1
Admission Categories Aboriginal Applicant; Regular Applicant; Special Consideration Applicant
Application Application form
Application Documents Your official transcripts; Your LSAT score; Your personal statement (maximum 500 words); 3 letters of reference (2 academic and 1 non-academic); your application fee; any other supplemental documents required by your selected category of admission [Link]
Housing Housing options
Tuition and Fees $8568.00 tuition plus $673.63 in additional fees per semester for the 2012/2013 school year.
Financial Assistance TRU Financial Aid
Combined Programs
1L Classes
Exchange Programs
Clinical Programs
Moot Competitions
Student Legal Clinic
Law Journal
Student Council