How can I obtain a FANTASTIC reference letter?

Do I really need to get some reference letters?

School Requirement
TRU “… Applicants are urged to provide two academic references and the third reference can be a non-academic reference. If you are unable to provide two academic references, a brief note should be included in the application explaining the reasons for this…”
UBC  “We do not require reference letters for applications in the Regular Category. They will not be reviewed if they are received. Two reference letters are required in all other categories…”
UVic  “We do not require letters of reference in our Regular category. However, we do request that applicants provide us with the names of referees on the application, whom we can contact with respect to an applicant’s work experience, community involvement and other extra-curricular activities…”
U of A  “Personal statements/reference letters are not accepted in support of regular applicants, but are required in the case of mature and aboriginal applicants. The Faculty of Law does not have a specific reference letter form.”
U of C  “Yes, two letters of reference are required to complete the application. It is strongly recommended that they be academic references.”
USask  “Reference letters are not required for regular applicants, and will not be reviewed if provided.”
Robson Hall “Please do not send supplementary documents; they will not be read [for Index category of admissions].”
Queen’s  Reference letters to be submitted through the OLSAS process.
Ottawa  “All applicants must provide two letters of reference.  At least one of these letters must be from an academic source, but it is preferable to have two academic references.”
U of T “Letters of recommendation are not required, and if submitted, will not necessarily form part of the applicant’s file at the time of review if the file is otherwise complete and ready for consideration by the Admissions Committee.”
Western  “Two reference letters (one academic reference is required) are required in the General category.”
Windsor  “Two letters of reference (if you attended university within the past three years, then at least one letter of reference needs to be academic in nature).”
Osgoode Hall  “All applicants must provide at least two letters of reference (academic or non-academic).  At least one academic letter of reference is recommended..”
McGill  “Two (2) letters of reference are required.”
UNB  “Letters of recommendation are welcome but not required for applicants in the Regular category. They will normally be considered only as part of a Supplementary Review…”
Schulich  Not specified online.