What is the Law School Admission Test?
When can/should I write the LSAT?
  • LSAC – Dates and Deadlines (February, June, October, and December)
  • Georgetown University – When Should I Take the LSAT?
  • Powerscore blog – Taking the June LSAT: An Application Timeline
  • US News – Should You Take the June or October LSAT?
Where are the free goodies to help me prepare for the LSAT (gimme gimme)?
Blogs, videos, and prep materials
Product trials
  • AlphaScore – Free Practice Tests and 30 Day Free Trial of online course
  • Blueprint – Free Tour of Blueprint: The Movie 2.0 online course
  • Get Prepped – Sample video class
How can I study for the LSAT on my own?
What prep courses are available online and in-person?
(Don’t worry, they advertise so much that you are bound to stumble upon a few by accident).