Do you enjoy writing? Have you learned any lessons you’d like to share with next year’s class, or with prospective law students? Write for Law School 101 Canada to share your tips, tricks, strategies and life advice with people in need. strives to be Canada’s best free law school resource online. However, there is more than one way to get in, thrive, and get hired while in law school. That’s why Law School 101 Canada needs your help.

Write for Law School 101 Canada
You should write for Law School 101 because the best way to learn a new subject or skill is to write about it.

Why You Should Write for

1. Master law school by writing about it.

If there are things you want to improve upon next year, the best way to research, reflect, and build those skills is to write about them. For example, learn the best study tips, job search techniques, legal research, or running great club events. Or, write about how to be mindful and achieve balance. For example, I started off writing about some things that I didn’t understand like the articling crisis, the law practice program (LPP) at Ryerson, and advances in legal technology. Writing forced me to do my research and get informed. I was able to talk about important current events during interviews. It helped me in the long run.

2. Give Canadian law students a voice.

The most recent Canadian book on applying and succeeding in law school is from 2008. There are Australian and US-based websites that allow law students to write about current issues, but no up-to-date Canadian one. The major online centre for Canadian topics on law school is Although’s online forums are informative, the answers are rarely in-depth.

Check out the following resources to get inspired:

Canada could have the best law school site out there. With enough people working together, anything is possible. I’d also be crazy to not point out there are some fantastic law school newspapers out there. Although no student newspaper currently covers stories across Canada, here are two of my favourites:

3. You can build a writing portfolio.

If you’re submitting articles as a volunteer, you own rights to your work. Your best articles will show up next to your name in Google. You can show off your writing skills to future employers.

My Story

While I was a student at Queen’s Faculty of Law, I built up a significant writing portfolio by writing for websites and blogs. Soon after, I was able to write for larger publications like Thomson Reuter’s Canadian Lawyer 4Students and the Ontario Bar Association magazine JUST. My writing portfolio gave a major boost to my summer and articling applications, and it’s still something I love doing today.

If you’re interested in writing for Law School 101, use the following contact form to send us two paragraphs:

(a) Why you want to write for Law School 101; and

(b) The topics you’d be interested in learning and writing about.

One of our editors will follow up and ask you for two writing samples.  The writing samples should be no longer than 500 words and highlight your very best work.  If you have questions, leave a comment and an editor will follow up. Thanks for reading. We hope you make the decision to write for Law School 101.

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