Welcome to Law School 101 Canada, your starting point for learning everything you need to know about legal education in Canada, getting into a Canadian law program, and being an all-around awesome law student.

So where shall we begin? Perhaps with a few fun facts:

  • Did you know that from the timespan from when you start applying for law school until the time that you become a certified lawyer (i.e. called to the Bar) is at least five years? Check out this TimeGlider timeline to get a sense of what the law school process involves.
  • There are currently 16 English-language common law schools in Canada. Click here to see a colourful map and a not-so-colourful list of the Canadian JD and LLB programs.
  • Going to law school could be the worst decision of your life! Seriously. It’s a huge decision and you need to make it carefully. Click here to read about some of the unpleasant realities of going to law school.

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